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Before choosing to invest in a doghouse for your pet, one should take into account a few things especially dog house plans and ideas.  Selecting the right size for a doghouse is very vital in order for your pet to be comfortable and safe at all times.  The first thing that one should do is to measure up their dog in order to know what kind of house they might fit into.  One can either choose to get their dog a doghouse that is large, small, medium or extra-large depending on what size the dog is.  It is important for the doghouse to provide enough space for the dog to turn around as it pleases without facing any difficulty.  Adding an extra inch to the width and length of the doghouse will come in handy as your dog will be more comfortable in its own space.


The door to the doghouse should be large enough for the dog to enter it without having to crouch.  The process of building a doghouse is not that complicated as one has to follow a few guidelines.  The floor of the doghouse should be a few inches from the ground.  This way, any water that might try to get in during the rainy season can be prevented.  A raised floor surface will also come in handy during the winter season as it is kept off from the cold ground.


Taking into account the habits of one's dog is very important as you look for diy plans and ideas for dog house.  There are those dogs that like sitting on top of their house frequently.  If at all your dog has these habits, then one should definitely not put any shingles or roll roofing at the top of the house as during the summer, they can get really hot.  This will make the dog uncomfortable to sit at the top of the house as they get burnt by the heat.  The most suitable material for the roof of the doghouse is exterior plywood panels.


Getting a small house is more appropriate for those owners with small dogs.  The house's interior is warmed by the dog's body heat during the winter season.  In order for your dog to be comfortable while lying down, one should put a bed of straw on the floor.  Doghouses with overhangs are the most suitable as the doghouse is kept dry at all times especially during the cold and wet seasons.


One way for one to save on their money and develop their woodwork skills is by building their dog a house.  Doghouse plans are readily available on the internet for one to apply or give to their contractor to use.  Comfort and safety of your pet at all times is guaranteed with the perfect doghouse.


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